At our travel agency, we understand that partnering with the right host agency can make a significant impact on your business. That's why we're thrilled to offer you the opportunity to join forces with Classy Way Travel.

With us, you can expect unparalleled support every step of the way. Our Business Development and Educational programs are designed to cater to all types of travel agents, from new faces to experienced ones, enabling you to develop every aspect of your business. We provide you with the essential tools and resources you need to learn more, earn more, and stay true to your own brand.

At Classy Way Travel, we are committed to your success, and we are unwavering in our support for you. We understand that the travel industry is continually evolving, and we're here to help you thrive in this exciting and dynamic field.

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Tier 1 - New Agents


Find your professional anchor with the right host agency – Classy Way Travel Agency. With unparalleled support, you're backed by a steadfast partner. Our commitment ensures you're never alone, constantly learning, and increasing earnings with each sale, all while maintaining the authenticity of your brand. Your journey home to success is just a few clicks away.

Distinguishing our excellence, Classy Way University programs are meticulously crafted to cater to all types of travel agents. Tailored to develop every aspect of your business, these programs are pragmatic for both novices and seasoned agents, embodying our dedication to fostering growth and success within the industry.


Tier 2 - Experienced Agents


Elevate your expertise by becoming a part of Classy Way Travel. Here, you can capitalize on your strengths – designing vacations, building your business, and crafting unforgettable experiences. We facilitate exposure to established partnerships in the travel industry while ensuring the preservation of your identity, fostering the thriving success of your business.

Align yourself with an innovative host that introduces fresh ideas and boasts an unparalleled business model. Forge a partnership with us and leverage top-tier commissions with our esteemed suppliers. Join us as we redefine industry standards together.


Join the Classy Way Affiliate Program


Attention travel enthusiasts and agency owners! Elevate your business with Classy Way's Affiliate Program. Become a Classy Way Affiliate and unlock a world of opportunity! Join our affiliate program today and indulge in the luxury of earning a fabulous $50 commission on every New agent that join classy way travel using your unique signup link... It's SIMPLE!

Partnering with Classy Way allows you to expand your offerings while  remaining with your current host company or if your Independent with your own Iata number, I 's no problem. Join our affiliate program today and add a touch of class to your portfolio while boosting your revenue streams. Refer  Travel Agents to us and earn big with Classy Way!