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Classy Way Travel is not just a premier travel agency; we are dedicated travel agents who have built our business from the ground up with over 21 years of industry expertise. Led by our Founder and CEO, Mrs. Monae Clasberry, we offer a unique perspective gained through hands-on experience in the travel industry, empowering us to provide personalized recommendations and cutting-edge training to our clients and agents worldwide.


Monae Clasberry


Over two decades ago, my love affair with travel began, and during this incredible journey, I unearthed my true calling: assisting individuals in planning and booking their dream adventures. With a blend of marketing expertise and coaching skills, I've had the privilege of helping countless travel professionals expand and thrive in their businesses. One pivotal factor that has propelled my own success is my ability to think innovatively and adapt to the evolving landscape of the travel industry. I firmly believe that each of us possesses untapped potential, and my mission is to empower individuals to realize their aspirations and craft a life enriched by travel.

My foray into the travel industry commenced eight years ago when I recognized a particular niche – group bookings. However, I grappled with the challenges of effectively planning, packaging, pricing, and profiting from these bookings, despite seeking guidance from mentors who couldn't provide the practical assistance I needed. Undaunted by setbacks and armed with determination, I persevered, ultimately building a thriving enterprise that generates six figures annually. While the path was marked by its fair share of mistakes, my resolve to succeed never wavered. Today, I'm dedicated to sharing my proven blueprint with fellow travel agents seeking success.

I proudly founded the Classy Way Travel host company with my husband managed by seasoned travel agents, to serve as the ultimate platform for all things travel-related.


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