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Earn Top Commissions

At Classy Way Travel, we prioritize recognizing the hard work and commitment of our agents. As a premier agency, we secure top-tier commissions from industry-leading suppliers and extend these advantageous terms to our agents.

Through our program, agents can retain up to 85% of the commissions they generate, distributed weekly. We pride ourselves on a transparent structure with no per-invoice or transaction fees, no ARC bond or accreditation prerequisites, and no protracted GDS contracts. Our advanced technology empowers you to access booking and commission reports at your convenience, allowing you to monitor your production and earnings on your terms.

Embark on your journey with Classy Way Travel today, and commence reaping the commissions and bonuses that reflect your dedication and expertise.

Classy Way University

At Classy Way Travel, we recognize the dynamic nature of the travel industry and the imperative for travel professionals to continually adapt to these changes, ensuring they maintain a commanding presence and expertise in the field. To facilitate this, we present Business Development and Educational programs meticulously tailored to enhance every facet of your business, catering to the needs of both novice and seasoned agents alike.

Our agents gain access to comprehensive educational programs, available through both live and virtual formats, encompassing supplier products and essential business skills training. Qualified agents receive additional perks, including CLIA & IATA cards, exclusive amenities, group rates for cruising, and favorable FAM and agent rates.

Committed to the success of our agents, Classy Way Travel is dedicated to equipping them with the essential tools and resources to stay at the forefront of the industry. 

Classy Way Events & Exclusive Rates

Classy Way Travel Conventions:
The premier yearly gathering for exhilarating adventures and inspirational knowledge-sharing, bringing members together for networking and connection.

Classy Way Travel BootCamps: Immerse yourself in 2-5 days of immersive, in-person training sessions guided by renowned travel suppliers.

Classy Way Travel Perks: Access exclusive special offers, discounts, and upgrades designed exclusively for Travel Advisors.

Classy Way Fam Trips: Embark on globe-trotting adventures with fellow industry professionals, delving into the exploration and education of diverse destinations worldwide.

Agent Hub

The Classy Way Agent's ultimate travel command center! Our CRM is the bomb, featuring training galore, a slick Commission Claim Form, details on client bookings, upcoming events, and a VIP list of all your travel PERKS. Commission Control hooks you up with 24/7 online access to your sales and commission intel – it's like having the keys to your success kingdom.

Track and boss up your associates' sales and commissions, and throw in some rad reports for a smooth business planning.

The Agent Hub – where efficiency meets empowerment, and success knows no bounds. Gear up, Classy Way Agents, for a journey filled with triumphs and endless possibilities!


Get ready to level up your game when you roll with Classy Way Travel! We're not just handing you a job; we're handing you the keys to kickstart your stellar career as a travel sensation. Our program is your ultimate guide, laying out every step of the journey with the coolest tools, resources, and a generous sprinkle of our expert mojo.

But that's not all – welcome to the crew of entrepreneurs where connections become collaborations and relationships become legends.

In the age of social media dominance, we've got your back with an exclusive online marketing center that's as interactive as your favorite meme. Facebook, Twitter – we've got the whole social media party covered to amplify your reach.

At Classy Way Travel, it's not just about the 9 to 5; it's about transforming into a pro with global connections and perks that'll make your clients' jaws drop. Strap in for a wild ride in the fast lane of the travel industry, where the income potential is as limitless as your wanderlust dreams.

Ready for a life-changing journey? Join us today and let's make it happen!